Colonix and Toxinout Cleanse Review

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The Colonix and Toxinout products are designed by a company called DrNatura. The cleanses are probably the most popular in the world and have served over 500,000 Canadians and Americans and many more people throughout the world, unfortunately they do not ship to Australia though, so for Australians the Bio Cleanse Detox Program is probably the best.

The purpose of the Colonix cleanse is to cleanse the colon and other organs and the Toxinout program detoxifies heavy metals from the system and reintroduces nutrients and probiotics. The cleanse is most effective when both the products are taken together. It is recommended to perform both cleanses simultaneously and there is special instructions on how to do this on the DrNatura website. It generally takes 2-3 months for the program to be complete depending on the condition of the person doing the cleanse. We at recommend a pure vegetarian diet consisting of 75% alkaline forming foods and 25% acid forming. Or for a more thorough cleanse, eat only 100% alkaline forming foods while on the program.

The Colonix Program

DrNatura Colonaide Herbal Supplement 14 Day Program Kit

DrNatura Colonaide Herbal Supplement 14 Day Program Kit


The Colonix Intestinal Cleanse – Which is a fiber and herb supplement designed to cleanse and bulk out the intestinal tract. It removes mucus, toxins and metabolic waste.

These herbs are in powder form and should be mixed with water or juice and taken in the morning.

Paranil Anti-Parasite Support – Which is a herb supplement designed to remove parasites and their eggs from the colon and other parts of the body. It is comprised of 18 herbs that have been used for thousands of years for this purpose.

The herbs are in veggie caps and are to be taken in the morning.

KleriTea – A laxative tea designed to promote regular bowel movements and aid the detoxification process. It also soothes the nervous system.

This product is a tea and should be take before bed.

The Toxinout Program


Toxinout – A herbal, vitamin, mineral and amino acid blend designed to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals, support the liver and help detoxify the blood, liver kidneys and other organs.

This product is contained in veggie caps and is taken before lunch or dinner.

DetoxiGreen – Contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, Green Phytofoods and herbs. It is designed to aid the detoxification process by supporting the immune system and replenishing nutrients.

This product is in veggie caps and should be taken with lunch or dinner.

Flora Protect – A probiotic supplement containing all the most important strains of bacteria.

The probiotic is in veggie caps and should be taken 1 hour before supper or before bed.

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