Acid/Alkaline foods

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Below is a list of acid forming and alkaline forming foods

To help alkalize the body and get it back on the path of good health, we recommend performing a colon cleanse. This will also help to remove mucoid plaque from the body.

Acid-forming Foods

(Avoid entirely while on a cleanse)

Alkaline-forming Foods

(Consume freely)

All processed foods with wheat or “white” flour
Black pepper
Bottled salad dressings
All Bread
Canned and frozen food
Cooked grains, except Millet and Quinoa
Dairy (butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, etc.)
Distilled vinegar
Foods cooked with oils
Fruits that have been glazed or sulfured
Meat, fish, birds, shellfish
Nuts, seeds and legumes
Processed cereals
Processed milks (soy, rice, almond, oatmeal)
Soda crackers
Soft drinks
Tea (except herbal, caffeine free tea)
Tofu and soy products

(Studies have shown that organically grown produce has as much as 300% more minerals and total nutrition than commercially grown produce. Health cannot be maintained without an adequate supply of minerals.)

All fresh fruits
All raw vegetables
All salad greens
All sprouts — grains*, beans*, seeds, nuts*
Apple cider vinegar (raw)
Dried apricots
Dried figs
Fresh or dried seasoning herbs
Fresh, raw juice
Grapefruit — Do not mix citrus or
melons with any other foods.
Herbal Teas — no caffeine.
Maple Syrup, organic
Lima Beans*
Raw, cold-pressed, organic olive oil
Raw, cold-pressed, organic flax seed oil

*These foods will slow down the cleansing process, reduce the amount of plaque removed and therefore should be limited.

The foods which are alkaline forming are non-toxic to the body and have an abundance of alkalizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron. They are also non-mucus forming.

Acid forming foods are either toxic, such as alcohol, or are usually starch and protein rich food, which should be consumed in moderation. Their dominant minerals are sulfur, phosphorous and chlorine. These foods are mucus forming and can contribute to the buildup of mucoid plaque if eaten too frequently.

To alkalize the body quickly, we recommend mixing up a good superfood or supergreens mixture. There are many super greens on the market, but mixing it yourself in this way and buying the ingredients bulk is much cheaper and you are assured it’s all organic.. All people should have something like this as a part of their daily diet.


6. Mucoid Plaque

When a person eats too much acid forming food for too long, the body becomes deficient in alkaline forming minerals and the digestive function becomes impaired. In this situation the body is often forced to excrete mucous into the bowel to protect itself from inadequately digested food. If this happens too often the mucous becomes hardened (mucoid plaque) and impairs food absorption. This hardened mucous is very difficult to remove and becomes a breeding ground for parasites and other unfriendly organisms, which are a constant source of toxins that flow into the bloodstream and wreak havoc on all the organs. This is the start of disease. As time goes on the organs start to break down, and generally speaking, this is where most disease originates.

Below are some pictures of mucoid plaque that was removed from a person doing a cleanse:

mucoid plaquecompacted bowel mucousbowel toxins

The plaque takes on the shape of the bowel because it was stuck the wall, and is often rubbery.

For more information on mucoid plaque, please visit the link previous. Or to remove mucoid plaque from your bowel, try one of the herbal detox programs listed here.

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