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By Matthew Sun

Many people have all kinds of misconceived concepts regarding vegetarians, but most of them couldn’t be further from the truth.

A major study reported in the British Medical Journal found that, of 5000 meat eaters and 6000 non-meat eaters, vegetarians had a 40% less risk of cancer and 30% less risk of heart disease than meat eaters and were 20% less likely to die of any cause (Oxford Vegetarian Study). More and more scientific evidence supporting vegetarianism is found each year.

Vegetarian Recipes

10 reasons to be a vegetarian

Q. Where will I get my protein?

A. A commonly asked question. Almost everything contains protein, even an apple. But some of the world’s highest protein foods are actually of vegetable origin. Take Spirulina for example; boasting a massive 70% protein, it is also high in B vitamins and iron, another major concern among meat eaters. Nuts also have high protein content, generally equalling that of meat. Grains and legumes are also a great source. But forget about the % level of protein for a second and think about how much of that protein your body can use, this is called the “digestibility coefficient”. Spirulina for example has the highest protein content of all foods and also the highest useable portion, weighing in at a massive 95%. Soaked almonds and sunflower seeds also rank very high, much higher than meat.

So what happens to protein that is not digested? It toxifies the body, hence one of the reasons meat eaters are more susceptible to cancer and illness.

In Appendix A there is a great article called Plant Based Nutrition Provides an Abundance of Nutrients for Vegans and Vegetarians” written by a personal friend of mine Eve Adam who is a naturopath.

Do any of the following vegetarians look like they are lacking protein, or anything else?

healthy vegetarian cowhealthy vegetarian gorillahealthy vegetarian elephant

Below is a picture of Mike Adams taken from the website below, he is a complete vegan.
Mike Adams is very fit

And here is Mike’s blood and body analysis:

Age: 35
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 184 lbs.
Body fat: 10.5%
Resting pulse: 48 beats per minute
Blood pressure: 105 / 60
BioPhotonic scanner score: 89,000

Bone Mineral Density (BMD): 2.51
RBC (red blood cell count): 4.53
Hemoglobin: 14.1
Blood sedimentation rate: 2
Triglycerides: 70
HDL cholesterol: 62
LDL cholesterol: 67
LDL / HDL ratio: 1.08
Total cholesterol / HDL ratio: 2.3
Fasting blood glucose: 87

Calcium: 9.3
Phosphorus: 3.2
Magnesium: 2.2
Alkaline phosphatase: 108

As you can see from the above results, Mike is probably one of the healthiest people on the planet.

More Info!

Famous Vegetarians

famous vegetarians famous vegetarians


  1. Hey Matthew, I just found your site. Do you know of any good water fasting centres in Queensland or northern NSW? Cheers.

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