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The Master Cleanse – Cayenne, Maple Syrup and Lemon Cleanse
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cleanse products review NEW – We just updated our review page of some of the best cleanse products in the world.

By Matthew Sun

Below is a summary of The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. A person performing the cleanse should purchase the complete book and become familiar with it before starting the diet. This eBook will help the cleanser stay on the diet with many helpful tips and advice.

A complete kit with all the ingredients you need for the cleanse including maple syrup, mint and laxative tea, cayenne pepper and sea salt can be purchased from the link below.

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Detox and Colon Cleansing Products List and Reviews
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Below is a list of all of the well known colon cleanse and detox kits and methods in the world. If there is any we missed that you think should be added to the list, please email as at cleanse(at) .

When cleansing and detoxing, the amount of effort and change you put in, generally matches the result. Programs that do not promote any change of diet, or a minimal change, do not really follow our experiences and recommendations for improving ones health. Our experience is that a plant based diet, of at least 70% alkaline forming food is required for good health. And while detoxing it is best to only consume fresh organic juices, if the program allows.

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By Matthew Sun

Many people have all kinds of misconceived concepts regarding vegetarians, but most of them couldn’t be further from the truth.

A major study reported in the British Medical Journal found that, of 5000 meat eaters and 6000 non-meat eaters, vegetarians had a 40% less risk of cancer and 30% less risk of heart disease than meat eaters and were 20% less likely to die of any cause (Oxford Vegetarian Study). More and more scientific evidence supporting vegetarianism is found each year.

Vegetarian Recipes

10 reasons to be a vegetarian

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