#1 Colon Cleanse, The Bio Cleanse

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Over the last few years colon cleansing has become quite popular and many new products have come to the market, unfortunately most of them are not good quality and do not work well.

A new product however has impressed us greatly, that is the Bio Cleanse (http://www.TheBioCleanse.com) by an English company. The product is 100% organic and we are very impressed by the formula. It resembles the Blessed Herbs and Arise and Shine formulas, but comes at a cheaper price and they offer free worldwide shipping.

The cleanse consists of 2 main parts, the Toxin Absorber, which contains psyllium husks, bentonite and ginger, and the Digest Power, which contains an assortment of herbs that help to stimulate the colon, cleanse the organs and tissues and break up mucoid plaque.

We tested the cleanse on a few of our staff and friends and they found the results quite amazing. Large amounts of mucoid plaque and toxins were removed, the bowel moved well, there was almost no cleansing reactions and the cleanser generally felt quite elated during the whole procedure.

To perform the Bio Cleanse detox it takes about 9 days, if you perform the cleanse at full strength, or around 14 days at a slower speed. If performing the cleanse at full strength it is required to go onto liquids and abstain from solid food for around 5 days, but if performing the cleanse at the slower speed, you can eat solids but they must be alkaline forming foods.

So we thoroughly recommend this cleanse to anyone, and recommend checking it out at http://TheBioCleanse.com or their new Australian Site here.

It can also be purchased from our website via this page.

Below is a picture of the products:

Bio Cleanse Detox

Merry Christmas to All

The Detox Team


  1. Cecile

    Im going to start the powder for 30 days. Hope this helps !

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