Colon Exercises

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By Matthew Sun

After cleansing the bowel of mucoid plaque the bowel often loses its shape and tone and can become sluggish. This can occur when the mucoid plaque was quite thick and acted to support the bowel (and the parasites). To strengthen the bowel and the other organs it is necessary to exercise, as well as consume a diet of mostly alkaline forming foods.
Some of the most effective exercises to strengthen the bowel, increase regularity and dispel constipation and tone and detoxify the whole system are as follows:

Skipping Rope or Jump Rope

Jump Rope Coln Exercise 

Perhaps one of the most effective effective all round exercises is the Jump Rope. It is similar to running but puts a lot less strain on the knees and joints. Ten minutes of skipping is about the same as running an eight-minute mile.
The full benefits of skipping, on the internal organs is not really known, but it is suspected that the act of jumping up and down so many times has the effect of cleansing and tightening the organs, especially the intestines. The exercise is especially good a strengthening the lower abdomen, a region of the body which is often neglected by sit ups, which tend to strengthen the upper and middle abdomen.
The increase in heart rate also gets the blood pumping through the body and has immeasurable positive effects on health of the body.
Jump rope is highly recommended for everyone, especially those people who have just finished their first cleanse

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation or Enemas)


Colonic Irrigation can be performed at home, or at a clinic by a practitioner. Basically Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy is where the large intestine is gently flushed with water. This has the effect of deeply cleansing the bowel and removing debris, toxins and mucous.

There is usually a suspended bag full of water and a hose that is inserted into the anus, the water then gently flows into the colon and stimulates evacuation. Some Colon Hydrotherapy kits use a bucket and a small hand held rubber pump, or the professional devices use a machine. Once the colon is filled with water the person an lie on their back and massage their colon before evacuating the water.

It also help to stimulate the bowel and the organs and is especially helpful when having cleansing reactions while cleansing. The cleansing reactions occur because the bowel is reabsorbing toxins into the bloodstream because the bowel is not regular enough. By performing an enema the toxins are quickly removed.

Although Colon Hydrotherapy is not recommended as a long term habit, it is certainly a useful aid while performing colon cleansing.

To perform a colonic you can purchase a kit for use at home (sometimes referred to as a ‘Higgins Syringe’ that is also used for performing a douche) or contact your friendly Colon Hydrotherapy expert in your area.

Sit Ups

sit ups

An all time favorite exercise for strengthening the abdomen. Sit ups also help to stimulae the bowel and aid constipation. The exercise helps to draw blood to the region and increase circulation which speeds up healing of the area. Instructions for doing sit ups can be found here.


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