Candida Cleanse

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By Matthew Sun

Candida is one of the most common forms of bowel disease in the world today and affects mostly the meat eating western world, where a diet of acid forming foods has become the norm. The main reason for the prevalence of candida is the pre valance of mucoid plaque in the bowels of the people. The mucoid plaque makes a breeding ground for parasites, unfriendly bacteria and yeasts, which use this ‘hub’ as a starting point from where they can infest the rest of the body.

Of course there is a solution to this problem, and the good news is that it involves a change for the better in more ways than one, because after performing the candida cleanse below, and sticking with the recommendations, the person can expect their health to rapidly improve as they continue to live a life of better health than they could have ever imagined. We have watched countless people follow these procedures and heal themselves of all kinds of ‘parasites’ of the body. The key is to make your body a body that they won’t want to live in, and will not be able to either.

The most effective way to rid the body of candida is to switch to a vegan diet and cleanse the bowels of mucoid plaque, parasites and debris. Countless people have rid themselves of this horrible organism, and you can do with a change in eating habits and a good cleansing program.

Below is our recommended candida cleansing program:

Step 1: Change to a vegan/vegetarian diet (try to eat more fresh fruits (not the overly sweet ones) and vegetables).

Step 2: Start taking a good probiotic

Step 3: Perform a detox

Step 4: Perform the Parasite Cleanse 1 week after the Internal Cleanse.

Step 4: Perform the Parasite cleanse again, 3 weeks after the last one.


Below is a close up of the candida albicans yeast which you will now be saying goodbye to:

Candida Albicans

After this the prevalence of candida in the body should be reduced to a level which is normal and the immune system can handle. It is also recommended to exercise as this helps to keep the immune system strong, the elimination channels working, the mind clear and the body pure.

Here’s to a healthy life!

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