Master Cleanse Testimonials

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Angela-Dublin, Ireland
“I did the Master Cleanse for 14 days. Before I began I weighed 70 kg and by the end I weighed 63 kg. The cleanse went well and the only side effect I had was hunger and a bit less energy than usual. I did the salt water flush but did not like it because it made me vomit, although it did move my bowel, that’s for sure! I felt good after the flush though, good to get the gunk out! I was pretty thirsty afterwards though and I did not like drinking it so what I did instead was take psyllium husks with some mucous dissolving herbs and herbal laxatives. I feel this was excellent at dissolving more mucous and getting my bowels moving more. I stayed on the psyllium and herbs (not laxative ones) after the cleanse, and after about another 5 days I started passing a lot of mucoid plaque. Unfortunately because I was not doing situps my bowels were a little un-toned and passing the hard mucous has cause me hemorrhoids or piles. Nevertheless I am happy to be removing the mucous and will keep taking the herbs until it is all gone. I am also on a mostly alkaline forming diet.”
Comments-This sounds like a wise choice to us, we are also not fond of consuming salt as the Master Cleanse book recommends and we feel that there are herbs that are more effective at removing mucous than lemon and cayenne. The herbs you took are probably similar to what is found in the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse and it would also be possible to perform the Master Cleanse in conjunction with this cleanse. We think this would make an excellent substitute to the salt water flush and remove more mucoid plaque. If the Master Cleanse was to be done for 14 days, you could take the Blessed Herbs Cleanse but take half the dose to make it last the 14 days, instead of the salt water flush.
Martin G-Cork, Ireland
“I have ulcerative colitis and did the Master Cleanse for 10 days and was doing the salt water flushes everyday. It mostly went ok except towards the end I had terrible pain in my chest although I think this may have been because I slept on a cold floor. I had a lot of dark muck coming out with each flush. Unfortunately now since I have finished the lemonade diet, my colitis has come back worse than ever and I am back on the drugs from the doctor because I was bleeding so heavy. My friend who is a naturopath informed me that citrus fruits are very bad for colitis, hence the flair up. Since then I discovered on this website the colitis cure section that says I should be on a juice diet for at least five days. So I am on that now, and am going to try the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse on recommendation from a friend. Apparently most colon cleansing is too much for colitis, but the Internal Cleanse is ok as long as the colitis is not flaring. Will report more in a month after the cleanse. Thanks for all your help and advice. Martin.”
Comments- Colitis is a tricky thing because it is caused by excess toxins, which would generally be removed with a good colon cleanse, but a good colon cleanse will aggravate the condition too much. Your letter also highlights one of our main concerns regarding the Master Cleanse, and that is the large amount of salt being consumed which may have also aggravated the colitis. From our research, and that of others including Richard Anderson, Bernard Jensen and Paul Bragg, salt stops the body cleansing and can even harden the mucoid plaque due to its dehydrating and acid forming qualities. In the Blessed Herbs handbook, that comes with the cleanse, it also highlights this. The advice of your friend regarding the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse is sound. Look forward to your follow up, thanks for the letter and best of luck. The team

Martin G-Cork, Ireland (Follow up)

OK, did the  Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse and was quite surprised. First I did the juice fast as recommended then went onto the cleanse. The first part is a parasite cleanse and I had eggs coming out! I also had another friend doing it at the same time, someone healthier than I who has been doing the Master Cleanse for years, and he had small worms coming out also. I was pretty surprised they were still alive after almost 2 weeks on the Master Cleanse. Anyway had some cleansing reactions while on it at times. I mostly kept a raw food, broth and juice diet. Now a month later I definitely feel a lot better for it. I liked how thorough it was, probably the best detox I have ever seen, I would recommend it to anyone. It has excellent instructions and the herbs are very powerful and good quality.

Comments- Thanks Martin, yes we like the Blessed Herbs Cleanses also, that’s why we recommend them, everyone we ever know who does them is very happy. Even people who have done the Master Cleanse and the Arise and Shine Cleanse say it is better.


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