Cleansing and detox diet recipes

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Many misconceptions have come about regarding vegetarianism because of the large numbers of people who have tried to switch from a meat eating diet to a vegetarian one with limited knowledge. They usually feel tired and sick, blame it on the diet and switch back to meat eating. There is a good reason why this can occur.

When a person eats meat and toxic food for a long time, the body generally stores these toxins in the body somewhere, in fat tissue, tumors, and the wall of the bowel as hardened mucous. When the person changes their diet, the body often starts to cleanse itself of these toxins, releasing them into the blood stream and making the person feel sick and tired. The person blames the diet, thinking they are lacking nutrition and then switches back to meat. When this happens, the body stops cleansing itself, because all its energy goes into digesting the meat and the person feels better again.

This is a grave mistake, yes in the “transition” stage the person can sometimes feel a bit lousy, but in the long run they would have felt much better. In general though I actually felt better on the colon cleanse than when I wasn’t on it. Also on the meat diet the toxins are forever building up and will often manifest themselves as disease further down the road.

Personally I felt better when I switched to a vegetarian diet, as I did it in a gradual way, by replacing meat with Tofu, TVP and other high protein “meat substitutes”. Although these foods are not optimal for nutrition because of their low digestibility coefficients (still better than meat), I still felt fine. The cleansing process for me came later when I did a proper cleansing program, which I will outline later. I consider this way the most ideal way to switch from meat. I was still consuming salt, cooked oil, sugar and other “toxic” foods (see acid/alkaline foods chart) as before, but just left out the meat. The cleansing process was delayed and thus the transition took place in stages which were manageable.

What to expect on the cleanse

During a colon cleanse, the Cleanser (person doing a cleanse) will generally take some herbs to aid the body with its natural cleansing process. There are many cleanses available, but there is a huge difference between them all, I will outline one of the most effective ones later.

As the body starts to detoxify itself the mucous on the bowel wall will become soft and it will be removed from the body. As this happens some toxins are released into the body, but this is only temporary and the body will soon eliminate them.

By following a special program, being sensible and listening to the body, the Cleanser will generally feel better while on a colon cleanse. Lighter and happier.

5 Different Cleanses or Detox Diets

1. The Bio Cleanse

The Bio Cleanse is one of the newest cleanses on the market and is a result of a lot of testing and research. In our opinion it offers the best value, quality, and cleansing experience for most people. The detox can be performed over a 9 day period, which includes 5 days of juice fasting, or a 14 day period, where the person consumes only alkaline forming foods.

The Bio Cleanse kit contains a herbal capsule formula called the “Digest Power” which stimulates the bowels, dissolves mucous and cleanses the organs. There is also a clay/fiber powder which must be taken in shakes, and also probiotics and an instruction book.

Cleansing reactions on this cleanse are quite minimal, and a lot of toxins and debris are usually removed from the body in a short time. We highly recommend it.

2. The 8 day and 21 day “Blessed Herbs Detox” Programs

-The 8 day “Blessed Herbs Detox” is a great cleanse for people who can only spare 8 days yet want to go for it, similar to the Arise and Shine cleanse, which I discuss later. Basically another hybrid of Bernard Jensen’s program only better in my opinion. It Consists of a modified diet, special cleansing herbs, bentonite, pectin and other important nutrients.

-The 21 day “Blessed Herbs Detox” is a whole body cleanse that is recommended for first timers. It comes with everything you need to clean out all the organs of your body and includes over 90 herbs.

The detox program contains the following parts:

7 Organ Cleansing Formulas

Step 1. Colon & Digestive System
Step 2. Liver & Gallbladder; Para Cleansing
Step 3. Lungs, Kidney, & Bladder
Step 4. Lymph, Blood, & Skin

3 Parasite Cleansing Formulas

1 Probiotics Formula

2 Anti-Oxidant Formulas


3. A slow and simple cleanse

For those people interested in doing a slower and simpler cleanse than Richard’s, I would recommend the following program:

  • Start each day with about 200-500 grams of green or unripe paw paw (papaya), with the skin on, in the blender, mixed with other fresh tropical fruits. Also add raw organic apple cider vinegar.

  • Follow 20 minutes later with about 10 grams of Spirulina.

  • For lunch eat only alkalizing foods from the list here. Try to eat less of the starches like potatoes and more salads and vegetables. The heavy foods slow the cleanse, but regulate it as you wish. Add cayenne pepper, apple vinegar and olive oil (don’t cook the oil) to the food.

  • For dinner you can eat fresh fruit (for a more rapid cleanse) or something similar to lunch.

  • Take a probiotic capsule such as Microgenics Probiotic 8, 30 mins after the meal.

  • At least 1 hour after dinner have a herbal laxative formula (with senna leaf or cascara sagrada in it). Don’t do this step if your bowel already moves more than once per day, unless you feel you are blocked up.

Additional Notes:

  • Whenever you want, consume the green papaya shake through the day, this dissolves mucoid plaque in the bowel, it is fine. Spirulina is also good.

  • If you get hungry through the day and want a snack, try drinking some herbal tea (remember normal tea and coffee is acid forming) or have some organic or naturally dried fruit.

  • Drink at least 2 litres of purified water or herbal tea a day. Teas made from the herbs in Richard’s cleanse, discussed below are the best for cleansing.

  • You can do the cleanse for as long as you want, but try to cut back on the laxative tea once you start feeling cleaner.

  • Try to exercise at least 3 times per week, this stimulates the body, strengthens the muscles and organs, and helps with the cleansing process. If going through deep cleansing then exercise should be light, such as walking or damage can occur to the liver. Listen to your body!

  • Do enemas or have colonics whenever you want to “get it all out” and feel squeaky clean. I would highly recommend this.

  • If you are having trouble with tiredness , or just not feeling well do the following:

  1. Drink more water (purified of course), if that doesn’t work then

  2. Do an enema or a colonic, if that doesn’t work then

  3. Eat a baked potato

      1. The reason you feel tired is because the body is overloaded with toxins. The first 2 steps are designed to cleanse the body as rapidly as possible of those toxins. The third step will slow the cleanse.

4. The Arise and Shine Cleanse

Developed by Dr Richard Anderson, it is a hybrid of the original intestinal cleanse developed by Dr Bernard Jensen. It is probably the most effective cleanse available at the moment.

Richard Anderson’s book Cleanse and Purify Thyself Book 1 is a must for people wishing to do this cleanse. Cleanse and Purify Thyself Book 2 is also a very interesting read, although it goes more into the psychology of cleansing, whereas book 1 deals more with the actual process.

The Cleanser alters his/her diet to include only alkaline forming food from the chart on the previous page. There are 4 different levels of the cleanse, with the stronger levels eating less food and taking more herbs.

To start with you should eat 2 or 3 alkaline forming meals a day and take the herbs 3-5 times a day. You also take a “shake” which contains psyllium husks and liquid bentonite clay 3-5 times per day.

The purpose of the herbs is to nourish the body, dissolve the hardened mucoid plaque and cleanse the organs. The purpose of the “shake” is to absorb toxins to prevent them entering the bloodstream and help sweep the bowel clean.

On the more powerful phases of the cleanse, which should only be done by people who are strong (strong means they have built up adequate alkaline mineral reserves in the body, there is a method to test this in Richard’s cleanse booklet), the Cleanser stops eating all together, except for fresh juice and Spirulina, and does 2 enemas a day. This is the phase when the most rapid cleansing can occur and mounds of mucoid plaque can be removed. When I was doing this phase I removed about 8 mounds of blacky/green slime, large enough to fill the toilet above the water line, a day, for 7 days. I would like to point out that I had been a full vegetarian for 2 years prior to this. I was astounded. There was worms coming out, smells of food that I hadn’t eaten for years, such as beef and chicken. It was amazing.

For those serious about doing this cleanse they should read Cleanse and Purify Thyself Book 1, written by Richard Anderson, and purchase the following, from the places listed:

Items required for the Arise and Shine cleanse and where to get them

What to buy

Where to buy it

At least 1 litre of liquid Bentonite

Health Shop

Psyllium Seed Husk – 1 lbs

Health Shop

A good Probiotics formula

Health Shop

1 enema or “Higgins Syringe”

Health Shop or chemist

Chomper and Herbal Nutrition cleansing herb mix

Mullumbimby Herbals * – Phone (02) 6684 3002 (for Australians) or buy herbs and mix yourself from recipe below. Or buy from

200 grams Cayenne Pepper

Supermarket, Health Shop

* Note: The Chomper and Herbal Nutrition cleansing herb mix was originally designed by Dr Richard Anderson and is available from his website also at , along with the 2 books he wrote which are recommended reading. Mullumbimby Herbals know the recipe and also mix it up. You can also get a naturopath to mix it up from the following formula. They may choose to vary some of the ingredient amounts depending on your condition. For example, if you have irritable bowel syndrome they may choose to use less laxative herbs, etc.

Recipe for Richard Anderson’s Chomper and Herbal Nutrition herbal cleansing formula

Bowel Cleaner (chomper)


Barberry Bark – 40ml (Dry Herb 10.5 parts)

Cascara Sagrada Bark – 40ml (“” 10.5)

Fennel Seed – 40ml (“”10.5)

Ginger root – 10ml (“” 2.5)

Golden Seal Root – 30ml (“” 8 parts)

Lobelia Leaf – 20ml (NOT LEGAL IN AUSTRALIA)

Myrrh Gum – 20ml (“” 5 parts)

Peppermint Leaf – 30ml (“” 8 parts)

Plantain Leaf – 50ml (“” 13 parts)

Red Raspberry Leaf – 30ml (“”8 parts)

Turkey Rhubarb Root (double ginger if cannot find)- 40ml (“” 10.5)

Sheep Sorrel Leaf(mixed with burdock is ok) – 50ml (“” 13 parts)

[NB: “” = dry herb)



Alfalfa Leaf – 60ml (13 parts)

Dandelion Root – 40ml (8.5 parts)

Atlantic kelp – 40ml (8.5 parts)

Rose Hips – 40ml (8.5 parts)

Shavegrass – 40ml(8.5 parts)

Yellow dock root – 30ml (7 parts)

Chickweed leaf – 40ml(8.5 parts)

Hawthorne Berry – 50ml (11 parts)

Irish moss – 40ml(8.5 parts)

Licorice root – 40ml(8.5 parts)

Marshmallow root – 40ml(8.5 parts)

Cellulase – (could also use papain or green papaya)

Amylase -(could also use papain or green papaya)


(to purchase any of the herbs above just search the iHerbs website using the box below, or if you would rather buy a ready made kit, we recommend the Blessed Herbs 8 day Detox)

5. The Cayenne, Maple Syrup and Lemon Cleanse

Also know as the Master Cleanser, Lemonade Diet or the Lemon Cleanse. As the title suggests, you take Cayenne, Maple Syrup and Lemon as a drink, and no food. A fairly intense cleanse in my opinion for a first timer, but very good. For instruction on the “The Cayenne, Maple Syrup and Lemon Cleanse” click here.


  1. Lauren

    Hi, Thanks so much for posting this information! My roommate and I are planning to make our own formulas with the recipes above. We were wondering how many servings are in each batch and how the herbs are prepared. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Namaste

    • matts118

      Use dry herbs. How many in each batch depends on how much you use. Since the recipe is in ‘parts’, it’s up to you.

  2. Hi, thank-you for posting these Cleanses. When you talk about the dried herb being 10.5 parts to make a 40 ml amount…
    Do you mean 3.8ml herbs to 36.2ml water?
    (i.e. 40ml/10.5 = 3.8ml herbs… and 40ml-3.8ml = 36.2ml water)
    I was a bit confused… and so was the herbalist… So what does 10.5 parts herb mean? 1/2 tsp?
    Also…. are the total quantities you mentioned for 1 serving of Herb? So one serving of Herbs would be 350ml of Herbal Tea in total?
    It would be great to clarify the servings.

    • Hi Amanda. It’s 10.5 parts of the total, which is 100. So it’s 10.5%.

      • Thanks very much 🙂 I thought it might be that when I was driving in the car earlier… Anyway got most of the herbs now. I would have got them from you but I’m in UK. Thanks so much for the Cleanse 🙂

      • Hi, thanks for post. When you talk about dry herbs, you mix it with water? How much you drink per serving? One glass etc and it goes the same for nutrition? The proposions above are base for 14 or 28 days cleanse?

        • matts118

          28 or 14 day cleanse, it doesn’t matter. The ingredients parts are relative. No you don’t mix with water if using dry herbs, you can put in capsules.

          • Thanks for replay, However I’m a bit confused, please clarify how dry herbs put in capsules? Do you mix them together and then press them somehow? Is one spoon per capsule etc.

  3. Zombi Bikini

    I’ve done arise and shine (21 day) and blessed herbs (8 day) cleanses quite a few times, and recommend the blessed herbs.
    It’s pretty much just as effective, much shorter, vastly simpler, and way cheaper. Arise and shine’s schedule is a nightmare to do correctly.
    Get your own psyllium and bentonite and skip blessed herbs’ highly overpriced packets (don’t buy their whole kit, in otherwords), and you just need to buy their digestive stimulator capsules, which are cheap. A 90 capsule bottle is like 20 bucks, and is enough for 1-5 (8 day) cleanses, depending on how many caps you want to take.
    They put ginger and pectin in their psyllium/bentonite formula, but it’s irrelevant. The cleanse goes fully well with just bentonite and psyllium. Just use 3:1 psyl/bent by weight.
    Good luck!

  4. Carrie Renee Holley

    So curious. You’ve mentioned that exercise can damage the liver? Is bikram hot yoga a bad idea or any type of yoga ok?

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