Flu symptoms or cleansing reactions?

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By Matthew Sun

Every year multitudes of people supposedly ‘catch’ the flu and then take antibiotics, antihistamines, pain killers and a whole range of other drugs to get over it. They inevitably do end up feeling ‘better’ and think they have beaten the flu.

Before I continue with my understanding of the above situation I would like to tell a personal story.

My Story

Several years ago I did my first cleanse, the Arise and Shine cleanse, developed by an American naturopath named Richard Anderson. What lead me to do this was the fact that my body had been continuously oscillating from diarrhea to constipation and I knew something was wrong. My girlfriend at the time had done the cleanse previously and spoke very highly of it. So she gave me Richard’s book, I read it and was convinced.

Shortly thereafter I did the one month cleanse, and wow, I was amazed. The whole time I was one it, I had symptoms resembling that of the flu, and the things that came out of me were amazing (just read about mucoid plaque). After this I soon started realizing the powerful effects food had on the body. Some foods clean the body (alkalizing foods) and others don’t (acid forming foods). Within each group there are varying degrees of each.

So back to this flu business. It came as no surprise to me that since I have done this cleansing I never get sick anymore, and if I do, I just feel like I have a cold for a day where others are sick for weeks. It has been like this for years now. Call it a miracle if you will, but it’s just science.

What is the Flu?

‘Catching the flu’ is a modern excuse to blame someone else for our suffering (we caught it off someone) and quickly escape it and get back to our daily routine of work work work. What is really happening is the body needs a break to rid itself of the accumulated toxins and it starts cleaning it self. It is the bodies own natural defense mechanism against toxic build up. Taking over the counter medications merely slows or stops the cleansing reaction. The long term effects of doing this are often weight gain, cancer, liver malfunction etc. The reason people gain weight is because the body is forced to protect the organs from the large amount of toxins in the blood. The body then stores these toxins in fat cells where they can’t do any damage, except to your self esteem.

What should I do?

The first thing to do would be a cleanse in my opinion. This will clean the body out and give you a fresh slate to work with. Of course many people don’t want to go to this trouble, but it is a necessary step. The other way to approach it would be to slowly shift the diet to a healthier one of mostly fruits, vegetable, whole grains and nuts. Then when the ‘flu’ comes go onto a juice fast and let it run it’s course. Doing it this way you would expect to be in bed for a while and have to endure a fever, drink lots of water and have diarrhea. This may not sound like a walk in the park to many people but you will feel great in the end and that sluggish feeling you have every morning will be a thing of the past.

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  1. Claude Nelson

    This is great information. Thank you. I know many of us are ‘programmed’ to ‘enjoy’ life through food, drink, cigarettes, etc. but the back lash, as we all seem to learn at some point, leaves me wondering what it would be like to breath fresh mountain air in rich golden sunlight, drinking water from a magnificent waterfall on a hike at 95 years old with my great grand children… It seems apparent that we might actually gain the leverage to undo the damage and embrace a higher meaning of life. There are books, friends, concerts, hikes, travel, unlimited levels of success and thousands and thousands of earth-shattering experiences out there. Shall we not pull humankind away from the precipice of harmful, pointless meaninglessness and together share an existence beyond our wildest imagination??

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