How To Gain More Energy – The Ultimate Superfood Mix

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By Matthew Sun

For a great premixed superfood please try this one from Bio Cleanse. We have tested it ourselves and the quality is second to none.

Green superfoods are rapidly becoming very popular, and rightly so, they are extremely alkalizing on the body, full of nutrients, refreshing and quick to prepare. Just scoop some green powder into your favourite juice, or water, mix and drink.

Drinking a green superfood drink at least once a day can help to pep you up when feeling tired and give your body much needed minerals, vitamins and nutrients to keep the wheels turning. Part of the reason you feel good right away after drinking it is that the nutrients are so easily absorbed into the body. Also because the minerals are very alkalizing thus providing the body with nutrients that help to buffer the acids from our diets and lifestyle, which may not be so balanced.

Of course a good colon cleanse or two also helps to reverse the degenerative patterns of our sometimes unnatural lifestyles and eating habits, but for a quick fix, some organic apple juice with a good scoop of superfoods is a great pick me up.

Many superfood mixes have 20 or more ingredients and cost a lot of money, but there is a better way to do it, mix it yourself or Bio Cleanse has a great product here.

Alkalizing Superfood

A superfood mix of 6 or more of the core ingredients is enough, and if purchased in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs, can cost about 75% less than the pre-mixed versions.

A good recommended superfood mix is below.

6 parts organic wheat grass powder

6 parts organic barley grass powder

6 parts organic nettle powder

3 part organic beetroot powder

1 part organic chlorella (for people who feel cold more often, or use spirulina for people who feel hot more often)

1 part organic kelp powder

1 part organic suma powder


Enjoy mixed with your favourite juice, or put it in the blender with fruit and some spinach, or fresh greens of some sort, for a full breakfast kickstart.

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