Master Cleanse Summary eBook – The Cayenne, Maple, Lemon Detox

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This comprehensive book covers everything you need to know to complete the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet).

This eBook contains all the instructions you need to perform the world famous cleanse right away! It is well written, easy to understand and concise.


The Master Cleanse is great for:

Weight Loss

Removing Toxins from the Body

Removing Mucoid Plaque

Restoring Digestive Function


Topics include

  • Germ Theory
  • The Master Cleanse – Instructions
  • The Purpose of the Master Cleanse
  • When to use the Master Cleanse
  • How to prepare the Master Cleanse
  • How much should I drink?
  • Elimination
  • Directions for internal salt water bathing
  • How will I feel while on the lemonade diet?
  • How to End the Lemonade Diet Cleanse
  • More Information
Master Cleanse eBook


Also included FREE is our second eBook called The Secrets of Health, which includes:

  • Explanation of the origins of sickness and weight gain
  • How to heal a sick body naturally using tissue and bowel cleansing, without doctors and chemicals, once and for all
  • Instructions and formula for two different intestinal/body cleanses
  • Acid/alkaline foods explained
  • Acid/Alkaline food chart
  • Emotional and spiritual aspects to health explain


All this is included in an easy to read downloadable book in PDF format for only $US8.90 (~$AUD9.20).

The download is quick and all you need to view the book is Acrobat reader. Most computers already have it, but it’s available for free download when you get the eBook.


Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with this ebook for any reason, send us an email for a full refund.


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