Acid Alkaline Foods and the Body with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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Healthy living encompasses body, mind and spirit. If our minds and bodies are healthy, our spirits can soar above the earthly confines of the physical world. Therefore, keeping ourselves healthy in all ways is of vital importance. Join leading experts and discussions on innovative research, as we seek to provide some fun, practical and simple approaches to address your health on all levels. Welcome to the world of Healthy Living!

HOST: Greetings! On our show today, we have Gabriel Cousens, MD. Gabriel is a doctor and healer who works to help people achieve health and wholeness of the body, mind and soul. He is one of world’s foremost authorities on living food nutrition, holistic lifestyle and complementary medicine and has applied his expertise to many areas. Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, USA. He is a best selling author of many books, including Spiritual Nutrition, The Sevenfold Peace, and Depression-Free for Life, among many other titles. Since 1965, Dr. Cousens has been involved in humanitarian projects. For several years in the mid-60’s, he worked with Afro-American teen gangs on the South Side of Chicago. For three years, he lived and worked in Central Harlem, while attending Columbia Medical School. Currently, the focus of Dr. Cousens’ humanitarian work is creating world peace. In 2003 he initiated the worldwide Peace Everyday Initiative to encourage all traditions to work for peace. Let’s meet Dr. Gabriel Cousens now.

INTERVIEWER: Good day and welcome to Healthy Living on Supreme Master Television. We’re here with Doctor Gabriel Cousens whose here to speak to us today about depression and addictions and healing them through diet lifestyle changes. Dr. Cousens has written a book called “Depression Free For Life”. And he’s going to share with us some of his secrets on how you can overcome your depression and your addiction through diet lifestyle changes. Dr Gabriel, thank you very much.

Gabriel Cousens: It’s good to be here.

INTERVIEWER: And I know that you’ve done 35 years of research on how to create, not just a diet that’s physically healthy but one that calms your mind both for mental health and ultimately for spiritual peace of mind so that you can meditate better and so that it’s much easier for you to achieve higher bliss consciousness. And I’d just like for you to talk a little bit about, you know how does food impact the brain and how does it create the addictive brain and a depressive brain and how do you correct that?

Gabriel Cousens: Ok, it’s a very good question. So our work is, “how do we balance the brain to get optimal mental functioning?” That’s really the key. Dr. Watson back in the 50’s in U.C.L.A has done some fascinating research, and he found in the pH of the venus blood to the brain was 7.46, it was an optimal pH when it was below it was too acid or above too alkaline , (INTERVIEWER: : Out of balance) they got paranoia, anxiety, depression, stupor, and a variety other kinds of neurosis. And when he brought the brain cells functioning up to it’s optimal which is 7.46 (INTERVIEWER: : Slightly alkaline ) 7.46 is slightly alkaline right. Many of the brain cells functions came back in to balance. Now that’s one piece, very, very important and we have talked in our previous sessions about the idea of eating right for your constitutional type.


HOST: Let’s find out more on eating right for one’s constitutional type with Dr. Gabriel Cousens when Healthy Living returns after these messages. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. ***

HOST: Welcome back to Healthy Living with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Before we return to our interview with him, let’s get acquainted with some terminology about food. The terms acid and alkaline , when used in reference to food, normally refer to the pH of the ash that results when the food is burned. This offers a classification of foods into three categories: acid , neutral, alkaline and they can serve as a guide to balance the pH of your system. Excess acidity is regarded as bad for you; it can cause headaches and stiff muscles. It is reported that your system “borrows” minerals from your central nervous system to compensate for excess acidity elsewhere. Excess alkalinity is also said to cause problems – reportedly it can cause anxiety and muscle spasms. So through our diet, we should be able to find the optimal balance.

Gabriel Cousens: Now, that’s important, because when you’re eating right for your constitutional type, if you tend to run acid , you then have to eat in a way that brings you more alkaline . If you tend to run alkaline you have to eat in a way which brings you more acid to bring you down to 7.46.


Gabriel (M): So there’s where our point is. That’s where the brain functions best and you don’t have the distortions. And so you can take someone who is paranoid, which is almost like a level of psychosis, ok. And you bring the brain chemistry back, biochemistry up to 7.46 and many times that will go away.

HOST: Addictive substances like alcohol may feel good initially because they cause a rush of alkaline minerals into the system. When the body encounters the toxins it takes minerals from other tissue to compensate for the acidity it encounters. This produces a relaxing effect but over the long term is health depleting. Cousens: What we find is that on our program for particularly alcohol addiction…

Cousen: …that they really, in a four year thing, you’ve got about a 10%, 7-10% success rate.

INTERVIEWER: With the traditional approaches…

Gabriel Cousens: Traditional program. Our program, we have a 75% success rate because we’re approaching it as a neuro-transmitter imbalance, so we have a 10 time better success rate at 4 years down the line. Woman: …at one year, there’s a… if you go through a traditional rehab program you have a 25% chance of still being alcohol addiction free… Cousen

INTERVIEWER: Correct, you’ve read well. Yea, 75%… and 90% after 1 year.


Gabriel Cousens: And that’s just because we see that you’re a whole person…

HOST: More on holistic healing from good nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens when Healthy Living returns after these messages. Stay tuned to Healthy Living on Supreme Master Television.

HOST: Welcome back to Healthy Living with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and today’s show about how good nutrition can lead to better health.

INTERVIEWER: : (F) You’re balancing out the brain chemistry.

Gabriel Cousens: and just stopping alcohol is a part of it. Then you have to heal the system that created the brain chemistry that brought you into the alcohol addiction. And the other thing is, blood sugar is that… about 90% of alcoholics…

INTERVIEWER: Are sugar addicted.

Gabriel Cousens:  …are hypoglycemic, or sugar addicted. That’s exactly right. So we can see from the holistic point of view that we have to treat the whole person, their spirit, but also their body, and obviously through to the body to the neuro-transmitters.

INTERVIEWER: : (F) That’s very wonderful. Well, thank you again for joining us Dr. Cousens, and if anybody wants more information on Dr. Cousens program, its Depression Free for Life is the book. His website is, that’s, and they also have a 1800 number. Cousens: 866-394-2520.

INTERVIEWER: : (F): Well, thank you very much for joining us and thank you very much for joining us here for another edition on Healthy Living with Dr

Gabriel Cousens. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Thank you very much.

HOST: Thanks for joining us today on Healthy Living on Supreme Master Television with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Stay tuned for Science & Spirituality, up next after Noteworthy News.

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