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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

There are names and address of hundreds of patients recovered from different incurable diseases in the two famous bulky books “Manav Mootra” written by late Raojibhai Patel and “The Water of Life” of J. W. Armstrong, but I am highly surprised when people after reading those books come to me to get guidance to start U. T. for treating their diseases ! Hence the sole aim of writing SHIVAMBU GITA and putting it in your hands is to impart you the maximum practical information about Shivambu. So that you may become self-reliant in respect of treating any kind of disease you come across without consulting anybody; or even without meeting me. That is why even though I have got testimonials of hundreds of patients of India as well as of several countries, still with a view to make you self reliant in­stead of reproducing the thrilling recovery stories I have given priority to the detailed instructions of U. T. treat­ment and its timely significance in the present genera­tion. By reading which you will not only get rid of your diseases, but will be transformed into a Urine Therapist and a propagator of it. Of course I do expect that after receiving the benefits of U. T. you will oblige me by send­ing your experiences by letters, so that other patients can get inspiration from the same.

For Shivambu devotees there is no other harmless panacea than Shivambu in the world. Hence the first condition of Shivambu Treatment is that one should commence. U. T. after relinquishing all medicines, non-vegetarian food and intoxicating things like Bidi, Cigarette, Tobacco and liquor etc. However there are two exceptions. Patients suffering from heart trouble and dia­betes cannot discontinue medicines abruptly. As such they may drink Shivambu along with their usual medi­cines and if they realize that Shivambu suits them, then they can reduce the dose of medicines gradually in a phased manner and increase the dose of SHIVAMBU. Thus in a couple of months they can get rid of the medicines completely.

Peculiarities of U. T. Treatment

1. It has been proved by experience that almost all the diseases are cured by U. T. provided it is done systematically without spoiling the case by harmful medicines and treatments.

2. This treatment is simple like household remedies, can be taken without any expenditure and without any danger or risk.

3. There is no need of any pathological tests of blood, urine, stools etc. in order to diagnose the disease. Most wonderful thing is despite passing blood, pus, sugar or any other abnormality in our urine the same urine cures our disease You all know the popular maxim “Diamond cuts diamond” or “poison kills poison”. Hence there is no need of testing urine.

4. External application of urine upon any injury or wounds arising out of cuts or burns gives instant relief and the wounds get dried and healed soon. Even the marks of the wounds would not remain on the body ! Hidden injury due to sprain or swelling in any part of the body gets cured by Shivambu.

5. U. T. Treatment is very effective in counteracting the venom of snake, scorpion, poison due to mad-dog’s bite or intoxicating influence of opium, brown sugar and other nasty drugs. It’s the most harmless yet powerful detoxifying agent for drug addicts. The drug addicts can’t afford to remain ignorant about the most beneficial use of Shivambu for detoxifying their brain, body and whole system by this simple yet most effective therapy !!

Obstructions In Shivambu Treatment & How to Over­come Them :

While practicing U. T. two particular obstructions arise due to misunderstandings connected with Urine, but they can be removed easily with right approach. First difficulty is the age old conception prevailing in our society that Urine is the poisonous and dirty excreta of the body. But this fallacy is far from truth, as proved by the scientists of different advanced countries, on the basis of successful research and experiments done upon human Urine. This aspect is already discussed by me earlier. Second difficulty comes on account of foul smell and disagreeable taste, though it tastes much better than beer and wine ! This difficulty also can be overcome by taking simple food free from chilly and condiments, like milk and fruits – which in turn purifies the color, smell and taste of Urine which will resemble almost like water. In the beginning you may add equal amount of water while drinking it and you won’t feel the disagreeable taste of it. If any person or child has too much repulsion about it he can mix honey or syrup along with water in urine for a couple of days. Thereafter you will get into the habit of drinking it without adding anything.


  1. I have Staph aerus, i have been taking my urine, but i don’t think is working. can u give me better direction on how to go about it.

    • Ivan Slovenskyy

      IT has to work even though you do not undergo no detox cure before it. It has to work.

  2. matts118

    Hi Maf. It would be best you see a health practitioner to fully diagnose your condition. It is not possible to give advice over the internet like this, especially regarding something like staph, which can infect many parts of the body. In general though we recommend purifying the diet to a vegan state and doing a detox to start.

    • Ivan Slovenskyy

      Is there any evidence that you have to detox your organs before starting urine therapy? Really? I have never heard any doctor talking about this…. so this is not right.

  3. Kokila.m.mehta

  4. Drink distilled water with pure lemon everyday 1 litre. And each morning the first piss, you drink, and that’s the best detox

    • Ivan Slovenskyy

      no need to use distilled water…. The water need not be distilled, this is just your fiction.

  5. pl enlighten me about
    how many time one as to take his urine for curing indigestaion
    1 whether one can take urine in cup of glass
    2 in steel glass 3 copper glass
    which one is the best
    your help will be very much useful to me

  6. Not Sure

    I have a poo treatment I use for hair loss … it is working great

  7. Mahavir jain

    After 15 days of urine therapy , my son’s (22 yrs age) creatinine has jumped to 4.89 from 4.4
    What should he do? Should he stop it or continue ?

  8. Eddie Leong

    I am age 68, have a full head of hair, in very good health, have been on UT for over 15 years, never been treated for illness for at least 13 years. I am not afraid of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Am convinced UT has boosted my immune system.

    I also learn not to try many herbal treatments as they can unbalance the delicate immune system. Just UT daily (massage, gargle in mouth, drink a bit). That is sufficient. I have saved thousands of dollars in not taking any supplements, medications nor having medical treatments.

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