Special instructions for Cancer Patients :

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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

Most of the people coming to our consultation center conducted by our foundation for seeking guidance of U. T. are patients suffering from cancer. That is why it is worth while to give special information and guide lines to cancer patients. Of course it is a bitter truth that people take to Shivambu Therapy when they are fed up and tired by experimenting with all paths and therapies, and thereby spoiling the case. But by that time disease reaches the last stage, when U. T. fails to give them complete relief they indulge in blaming Shivambu Therapy. Moreover there is another cogent reason responsible for the present situation that public does not have proper and correct knowledge about U. T. nor there are centers for obtaining relevant information. As such Cancer patients can’t do this treatment systematically by following proper method of fasting, massage and enema etc. Hence they do not achieve expected benefits.

One the other hand we have seen that patients at the last stage of cancer though might not have been fully benefitted from U. T. but it is observed that there had been remarkable reduction in their pain and sufferings and they have died a peaceful and painless death I

I have already classified the diseases in two categories and explained the methods of treatment earlier, even then I repeat certain points so that cancer patients can while remaining at home could treat themselves in the right manner without seeking anybody’s help and guidance.

Cancer patients should start U. T. only after stopping au allopathic medicines and treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and antibiotics etc. However there will be no problem if Ayurvedic or Homoeopathy medicines are taken along with drinking urine. They should implement the following instructions.

1_ Considering the condition of the patient, 8 to 30 days Shivambu fast ought to be observed by drinking urine and water only. After the fast also the patient must drink whole day’s urine for few months, and do massage too.

2. It is absolutely necessary to do gentle massage with old urine for minimum one hour each in the morning and evening during the fast and thereafter too.

3. Enema has to be given to the patient daily for a week by mixing urine with lukewarm water half to half for cleansing the bowels and intestines. Enema of Urine and water has such a tremendous arid powerful effect in detoxifying the body that it is capable of curing more than fifty percent of total diseases suffered by the mankind easily without the use of any medicine or even Shivambu The root of all diseases lies in the constipation and the effective simple, safe and most harmless remedy for it is Enema. There is no substitute of enema for getting rid of the old stools that might be stacked-up to the walls of the intestines and bowels. In the beginning enema should be taken daily after passing the first stools for 8 to 10 days continuously, and thereafter it would be advisable to take once or twice a week. Those patients who don’t pass the stools easily they should be given enema without waiting for the first stool. (Motion)

Cancer Myths and realities

Two well known doctors of Bombay, Dr. Menu Kothari & Dr. Lope Mehta have written a revolutionary book titled “Cancer Myths and Realities about its cause and cure” The book is published in London and has been translated in Germen and Dutch languages, while a single copy of the same is not available in any book store in India ! I got the same from the authors and instantly prepared a Xerox copy of the whole book. It has been translated in India in Gujrati language only. They, after deep study and research have written in the book. “If any cancer patient takes routine allopathy treatment his/her life is shortened and his/her death becomes painful whereas those who don’t opt for the treatment they survive longer and their death is painless !”

They further write “For the diagnosis of the disease it is not wise to undergo biopsy too, as because of doing biopsy cancer spreads speedily in other parts of the body” That is why Dr. Kothari had neither done biopsy nor given any treatment to his parents suffering from cancer. They further state “During the last fifty years though Trillions of Dollars have been spent on the research work or medicines of cancer but not an inch of progress has been made in the direction of successful treatment of cancer, still every now and then tall claims of new research are made in the medical journals and newspapers”!

From the above statements made by the authors of that book we can draw a simple conclusion that all are interested in running their own shops and peddling their pharmaceutical products ! When the patients do not get the correct information as to their disease and/or the dangerous and painful side-effects of the medicines given in the treatment of cancer, could there be expectation for correct and successful treatment of it.

Friends, I had decided not to include case histories of the patients recovered by U. T. with a view to avoid making this book bulky, but the recovery story of Srilata Swaminathan (Kidney failure patient) who happens to be the niece of well known Katthak dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai and the story of Mr. Himmat Somaiya (Cancer Patient) are so incredible, thrilling and hair raising that I have decided to print them in their own words here :-

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