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I had been sick for many years. The problem was supposed to have been with my kidneys. I suffered a lot from edema, as my kidneys were not able to clean my blood properly and my body was full of toxins and poisons that it could not expel. The All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi, had told me in 1982 that I would not survive another two years if I did not have a kidney transplant.

I have been working and living for the past Eighteen years among the Bhil adivasis of Banswara, Rajasthan. This is an extremely poor and ‘backward’ area. It seemed ridiculous to spend thousands, even lakhs, of rupees on a transplant, or on the health of just one person. Very few people in our country are indispensable, and I am not one of them. Moreover, I have very little faith in the allopathic system, and prefer more natural and holistic methods such as Ayurved, naturopathy, homoeopathy, diet control and fasting. I was taking homoeopathic medicine and continued with this. I was able to continue working, but there was a gradual deterioration in my health and abilities over the years.

Gradually, I got worse. It became more difficult to work and to move around. My weight increased. I felt lethargic, and dull and heavy in mind and body. I was subject to increased irritability. and f became hypersensitive and emotional. The smallest problem took on gigantic proportions and became impossible to deal with. I suffered from edema, weakened eyesight, falling hair, bleeding gums, piles and anal fissure, painful joints, tiredness and being out of breath, inability to retain urine, premenstrual tension bordering on hysteria, constipation or diarrhea. acute depression. In short, I felt that my whole body and its systems were coming to a sluggish halt. 4 had to force myself to go on working.

Working in this tribal area, I saw many adivasis use urine very effectively on cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds and even gangrene. Urine was given to small children for coughs, jaundice and stomach ailments. Much against my natural (or un-natural) instincts, I was forced to admit there was a beneficial side to urine. So, about fifteen years ago, I went to Ahmedabad and met Shri Morarji Desai and asked him to recommend some books on U. T. that I could study studying them. I was still skeptical about the ‘scientific’ rationale behind Auto-Urine Therapy (AUT), but the books not only convinced me, but made fascinating reading. At that time I was suffering from, what the allopaths railed, ‘amoebiasis’. After reading the books, I drank the first urine I passed every morning, for a whole month, and amoebiasis never troubled me again.

To get back to the present, while I was convinced of the efficacy of AUT, I did not practice it consistently or seriously till I became virtually bedridden by the end of 1988. By September ’88, my body was so full or toxins that I had massive edema and my legs, ankles and feet had started oozing pus from hundreds of sores. The pain was so, severe that I could not walk or do any work. I did riot get a single night’s sleep from 28th September till January 5th, as each contact with the bed sheet or any cloth was painful and each movement led to shooting pains. went to Delhoto be treated by my homeopathic doctor whose knowledge, patience and wisdom I greatly admire. But after a month and a half of treatment, even he felt that there was nothing he could do, since I was not responding to any medication. I went to Jaipur and consulted an Ayurvedic doctor, but then, the sores broke out with even greater ferocity. I returned to Ghantali (the small tribal village where I live), feeling that I would not live much longer and waited for the painful end. What irked me most was the feeling of being a burden to others and not being able to do any work. By now, I was in bed all the time and had stopped all medication, since nothing was working.

One day, at the end of December,88 I remembered the books of AUT and began to read them again. I went through the case histories of patients dying of terminal diseases like cancer, kidney failure, heart complaints and many others, all of whom had been saved by AUT. I decided to make one last effort to survive.

From 1st January 1989, I went on a total fast, eating nothing at all and drinking all the urine I passed and some water. I fasted continuously for five days, at the end of which the pain in my legs and ankles disappeared completely and I was able to sleep properly and begin hobbling around. But the swelling and sores in my legs and feet persisted. So, on 15th January, I decided to go on an indefinite fast until I was better. Again, I took nothing but urine and water. I fasted for fifteen days continuously, by the end of which, all the edema in my legs, ankles, face, arms, hands and body had disappeared and the sores on my legs almost healed. I could walk around quite normally, and began working on the fourth day of my fast. With each day of fasting and AUT I not only got better but stronger. Initially, my pulse was irregular and I felt slightly feverish but, gradually, my pulse and blood pressure became normal. My mind and body became increasingly active and alert.

It is now June, 89 five months since I fasted on AUT, and I feel younger, more energetic, can work longer hours and easily walk 8 to 10 kilometers without any problem. During the whole of May was able to field work even in temperatures of 45 to 47 degrees centigrade. Let me tell you the ways in which I am benefitted. l can now read and write without wearing glasses. My hair has stopped falling. My teeth are no longer sensitive and painful. My gums no longer bleed. There is not more swelling and I am no longer troubled by piles and constipation. There is no P.M.T. I have lost weight. My memory is better and I am less irritable (my husband will vouch for this). Mentally, I am much improved, with no depression and feel rejuvenated and positive towards life and work. Some friends even say that my hair is not as grey and has become blackish! Anyway, there is not doubt that I have been given another chance to live, a reprieve. Also, 1 do not have to depend on doctors, hospitals, expensive drugs and fancy-equipment. I also feel pleased that no multinational pharmaceutical company is earning profits through me !

I still drink the first urine that I pass every morning, and whenever possible, 2 or 3 times or more in the day. I fast once a week, and stay on urine and water only during the entire day. People who saw me when I was sick are astounded at my recovery. I have also started helping others cure themselves on UT, especially poor tribals and dalits in this area. I know that many feel mental revulsion to the thought of drinking urine, since they have been conditioned to believe that it is unclean, dirty and a waste product. I suggest that they read the books on U. T. which would explain the rationale behind urine therapy much more effectively than I can.


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