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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

Friends, as a result of practicing Urine Therapy when you will realize that you are not going to fall prey to any dreadful disease, and if at all you get some minor ailment while at home or out-side, while in city or village, white in train or plane whether at hill station or in Himalayas or in the event of scorpion or snake bite you must have developed the self-confidence that all the time you are in possession of your own medicine (Panacea) then and there, and thus you have not to go in search of any doctor, nor struggle here and there for any medicine, the very feeling that Divine Panacea is with you shall fill your life with immense happiness and/or overflowing ‘joy and your self confidence will soar tremendously. This is not the domain of imagination but of self-realization. Therefore my good wishes to all of you that you may soon experience the same realization which I have already acquired by SHIVAMBU(drinking urine) Sadhana.

I came to realize the fact recently that the popularity of Urine Therapy is increasing day by day and how peo­ple are eager to know more detailed information about it. Our Foundation had organized a half day seminar on Shivambu a Birla Krida Kendra, Chowpaty on 25th Sep­tember’ 94. Readers will be surprised to learn that 625 29 seating capacity half was fully packed. In this seminar we could also learn about the generosity of Shivambu devotees as we received voluntary donations to the ex­tent of Rs. 10,000/- on that day and flow of donations is still on. Really speaking we are doing God’s work by car­rying out the propagation of Shivambu as the same is meant for the benefit of suffering mankind. Service to downtrodden is service to God. Therefore we firmly be­lieve that our divine campaign despite financial con­straints shall continue uninterruptedly without any hin­drance whatsoever.

During my recent Shivambu propagation tour of Rajasthan and Agra I had some unforgettable thrilling experiences which I would like to share with my read­ers. During Aug. 96 I visited Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pali, Sojat Road, Sojat City, Chandawal, Beawar, Ajmer and Pushkar etc. where my several lectures were arranged in schools, colleges and hospitals before huge gather­ing of students, nurses and doctors. I addressed press Conferences in Jodhpur, Agra and Ajmer and numerous newspapers gave a very good coverage to the fabulous efficacy of U. T. on deadly and incurable diseases.

In Ajmer I had a very encouraging and thrilling experi­ence. Sister Ignesia, The Secretary General of the Missionery Sisters House, who is in-charge of Sophia Schools, Sophia Colleges all over India and St. Francis Hospital at Ajmer, which was a historical event, as hun­dreds of students, teachers, nurses and doctors came to know about the fabulous efficacy of U. T. for the first time because of the bold and daring decision of Sister Ignesia to arrange my lectures. She was attracted to U.

T. few months before on hearing a talk of Prof. S. B. Sharma and alter reading my book and was immensely benefited by its practice and within a span of few months she has become a powerful propagator of U. T. ! I was greatly thrilled to hear her experiments and experiences of U. T. which she narrated during my lectures referred above.

By the above episode I am extremely overjoyed as I have become confident that looking to Sister lgnesia dedi­cation and enthusiasm the most precious knowledge of

U. T. would certainly reach, other missionaries not only of India but of several other countries; and thereby mil­lions of suffering people around the World will be benefitted by it.

In the public meeting of Agra during my lecture held on 4-8-96 Swami Krishnanand of Haridwar (Aged 85) sur­prised the audience by telling them that he himself is drinking SHIVAMBU for the last 60 years ! For the first time he disclosed the secret of his excellent health before the audience and inspired them to follow U. T. for keeping good health.

Another revolutionary incident happened in Agra. My lecture was arranged during Nirankari Satsang Sabha on Sunday Dt. 4-8-96 at Agra before a gathering of 2000 devotees! The devotees got so much interested in Shivambu talk that half an hour talk went on far 3 hours !!

Swami Krishnandji had come to know about the fabu­lous efficacy of SHIVAMBU from a YOGI residing in the Himalayan Cave, sixty years ago.

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