Possible side effects

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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

Some patients in rare cases by drinking urine and/or by massaging the body develop cough, cold, vomiting, loose motions, itching or boils, on skin as a reaction but there is nothing to be alarmed at because such a reaction in­dicates that impurities and toxins accumulated in the body are being thrown out with a view to cleanse it. So there is no need of taking any medicine to put an end to such reactions. For boils, rashes, or skin eruptions you can put bandage cloth soaked in old or fresh urine on the affected parts. in the case of diseases pertaining to dif­ferent parts of the body viz. eye, ear, nose, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, liver, kidney, piles, prostate, thyroid, uterus of woman etc. there is no need of taking any sepa­rate treatment or medicine because Shivambu is the guar­anteed and assured panacea for all diseases of the body. For dealing with the diseases of some parts the proce­dure is given hereunder :

For prostate, fissure and piles retention enema of 50cc of old or fresh urine should be given to the patient twice in a day; over and above regular intake of urine. For piles urine packs can also be put on the piles & anus.

By putting urine drops in the nostrils and or by drink­ing it through the nose instant relief can be obtained in sinusitis and other nasal problems; and especially instant relief is obtained in common cold. By drinking urine through the nose your voice becomes melodious ! One may become a singer due to beneficial side effect !!

Though numerous diseases of the ear are cured by putting urine drops of old or fresh urine, in some rare cases, some patients had developed ear pain after the use of urine drops. So be careful about it. If you develop pain discontinue it.

Bandages : You can put bandage cloth soaked in urine on wounds, burns, swelling, skin infections, rashes, in­sect bites, stings etc. for instant relief.

For the diseases of the women like leucorrhoea, irregu­larity of menstruation, pre-menstrual tension (PMT) premenstrual inflammation of the ovaries or uterus, fibro­sis, tumor etc. along with drinking of urine its douche should be given. If douche is not possible one can insert cotton wool soaked in urine in the vagina, which can be replaced after few hours. In our scriptures our body is compared with the Universe (Brahmand). It is certainly not within our reach to fathom out the mysteries or di­vine qualities of Shivambu fully like the mysteries of BRAHMAND. Shivambu does not merely work at the physical level but it works wonders at the mental, intel­lectual and spiritual levels. This is the direct experience of all Shivambu devotees.

Use of fresh Urine : For drinking, putting drops in ears, eyes, nose, snuffing, gargling, rubbing on gums on bums or on injury enema etc In case of bums Shivambu is so much effective that by patting cotton gauge soaked in old or fresh urine on the affected part there will be in­stant relief and there won’t be disfigurement and depigmentation of the skin it all !

Use of stale (old) Urine : Massaging, enema, bandage, poultice, steam inhalation. From practical experience it has been discovered by me that for outward use old urine is hundred times more effective than fresh urine !

Use of fresh & stale (Both) urine : Ear drops, burns on injury, wounds, boils, infections, enema.

Special guidance for incurable skin diseases like psoriases,. Eczema, Leucoderma etc.

Often it has been noticed that different types of skin dis­eases and skin infections particularly infections on the genitals of men and women simply go away (disappear) with external application of urine. But even obstinate, lin­gering and incurable diseases like psoriasis, leucoderma, pemphigus. S.L.E. Herpes and skin cancer also get cured when U. T. treatment is done systematically particularly following strict regimentation of diet which include totally abandoning salt, chillies acid condiments for 3 to 4 months and only eating raw natural food of salads, fruits, vegetables, dates, raisins (to be eaten after soaking it in water and blending) and vegetable soups etc. Side by side you have to drink whole day’s urine, take enema of luke warm water mixed with Urine, and gentle massage of the whole body twice a day one hour each with old urine. This procedure must be continued for 2 to 4 months. It has been discovered after prolonged experimentation that in comparison to fresh urine old one is hundred times more effective on skin problems and massage. Hence for all the skin diseases old urine is a must. This is the SHIVAMBU “Sadhana” and the posi­tive results are sure and certain.


  1. Does urine, fresh or old, help with damaged skin or fine lines?

  2. what is meant by ” Side by side you have to drink whole day’s urine ”
    Does whole day’s urine mean to drink it all day long ? Or to drink the first urination in the morning ?

  3. from YHWH

    A fast in strongly recommend before any U.T. After a firm fast. U.T is a excellent cure for any perilous pestilence!

  4. Piyush Himanshu

    I’m 26 and in my right nostril , there is nasal polyps and due to the polyps my nasal septum has bent like a curve from right to left side.
    How I should treat the nasal polyps without surgery? Is any UT for that ?

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