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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

My great benefactor and mentor late Mr. Morarji Desai; whom we used to call “Shivambu-Rishi” out of love & re­gard used to say “If urine therapy is done with faith, pa­tience and observing strict regimentation in diet, before spoiling the disease by resorting to harmful treatments, then any disease can be rooted out by this therapy.”

I hereby reproduce the statement of a famous doctor of England, Dr. T. Wilson Ph. D., M.D., “As the urine con­tents vary according to the pathological state of the pa­tients, its use is indicated in all forms of diseases, ex­cept those caused by traumatism or those that are of mechanical nature.”

Often we say that every rule has an exception. This ap­plies to U. T. also because some patients may not be benefitted fully due to disease reaching last stage or treatment not done in right manner or for any other rea­son, but one thing is certain that there won’t be any ad­verse or harmful reactions which arise in other medical systems.

Here I mention few diseases which got cured by Shivambu, and there are many examples. Different types of Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, ulcers of various kinds, gangrene, leprosy, T.B., S.L.E., pemphigus, herpes, psoriasis, all diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat, diseases related to teeth and gums, piles, fistula, diseases of women such as tumors of uterus, Leucorrhoea, infections of womb, discomforts of pregnancy such as vomiting, giddiness etc. The couple having no possibility of having child have conceived and cradle is seen in their homes

If I continue giving the list of diseases then the whole SHIVAMBU GITA will be occupied by the list only. Therefore it is sufficient to state in brief that there are numerous diseases and their names innumerable but for each and every malady the panacea is one and the same. SHIVAMBU.

In a poor country like India how much useful and beneficial Urine therapy would be, can be judged from the under mentioned episode.

I along with my wife had gone to Chitrakoot (M. P. ) to offer our services in the eye-camp organized by Sadgure Sava Sangha Trust. There, one day on the road leading to Jankikund we saw a beggar, who was a mere skeleton as only bones were visible in his body. On enquiring we learnt that he was suffering from T. B. for some years. What a predicament ? How can a beggar get costly medicines and/or wholesome and nourishing food for recovering from T. B. ? We explained to him Shivambu treatment of drinking of whole day’s Shivambu and of massaging his body with it. He agreed to do so. After two days we passed again from that road, when he jubi­lantly told us that his years old cough had cured fifty percent and six month old stomach ache had been cured fully After one week he met my wife again during “Kamad Giri rounds” (PARIKRAMA) and out of gratitude and respect touched her feet and declared that “I have become alright by drinking Shivambu. You can see I am completing the rounds of “Kamad Giri” What else can you call it, except a Miracle of Urine Therapy ?


  1. Vivek Nayak

    I am taking blood thinner (warfarin) to avoid blood clots. I am also suffering from fissure and fistula. I want to know how to treat them by urine therapy

  2. Hey my name is Riya I am 29 years old I have gastric problem is there any solution

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