Regimentation or Restrictions of Diet

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by Dr. G. K. Thakkar

There is prime need of taking special precaution about food, in order to keep our body disease free. Because mostly diseases set-in due to harmful food or eating more than required by the body. In our daily meals we take more of cooked food and less of salads, fruits, green vegetables etc. as such our body does not receive full nutrition. During the process of cooking food, its nutritious elements get destroyed due to heat. By eating such food the quantity of fats and mucus accumulates in the body as a result of which we become victims of killer diseases like cancer, blood-pressure, heart attack and diabetes etc. not only that the stool gets choked in the intestines, which rots there for years together due to which several other diseases crop up. On the other hand ripe fruits, green leafy vegetable and sprouts contain ample nutritious elements, vitamins, salts etc. to keep our body free from disease. By eating such natural food our body develops disease resisting power more and more so as to keep our body healthy and disease free. Therefore we should take less quantity of cooked food and more of natural to keep us healthy. During the practice of Urine Therapy if we do not keep control over our Ahar, Vihar and Manovyaper we will not be able to obtain maximum benefit from Shivambu.

In food out of the following items you can take what ever suits you.

Grains : 1) Wheat porridge 2) Wheat Chapati (Roti) without sieving the flour as the husk (Choker) normally removed by sieving contains more nutrition than the flour. 3)Roti or Bhakri made of Jowar or Bajra 4) Roasted things such as groundnuts, grains, green peas, unpolished rice, red rice, or various rice preparations like Kheer, Lahi, Chivda etc.

Sprouted Foods : By sprouting the food grains its nutritious elements and vitamins increase several times in quantity and quality. You will be amazed to know the tremendous nutritional qualities of sprouted Ragi (Naachni), though it is a staple food of the poor backward aboriginals (Aadiwasi) of Maharashtra and Gujrat. It increases the Hemoglobin in the blood to a great extent at the same time it cures diabetes. Ragi can be eaten by preparing its Chapati or Sprouted Ragi can be blended in a mixer with water and can be taken as a nutritious drink by adding little honey. The above mentioned sprouted cereals after grinding a little can be mixed in Salad or in Curds to be eaten as Raita. It can also be eaten in the form of Khichdi prepared in cooker. Moong, Gram, groundnut, wheat, tit, fenugreek {Methi) Ragi (Naachani) can be easily sprouted.

Green Vegetables : Gourd {Louki) Zucchini (Turai) Parwal, Reddish, Onion, beet, shagam, garlic, and green leafy vegetables such as, Palak, Bathua, Cholai, Methi etc. amongst the green vegetables whichever available and suits you should preferably be taken raw in salad form without cooking.

You can also extract fresh juice of the above vegetables and drink it. It will be tremendously helpful in curing deadly diseases like AIDS, cancer, S.L.E., Arthritis, diabetes etc.

Ripe Fruits : Papaya or papeeta, chikoo, mango, apple, mosambi, orange (sweet) grapes. etc.

Dry Fruits : Dates, almonds, black raisins (Manuka) should be soaked in water over-night and eaten, kaju, kishmish, ghee, milk of cow or goat.

Things to be avoided : Articles made out of refined flour (Vaida) like bread, biscuits, cakes etc., non-vegetarian food, pickles, papads, fried things, too-much spicy and salty foods must be avoided or abandoned altogether while doing U. T. for serious diseases. White sugar and vegetable ghee (Dalda) is injurious and harmful to health and body. Jaggery (Cur.) can be used in place of sugar. Try to take minimum possible salt, chillies and condiments. Must abstain from Bidi, Cigarettes, tobacco, wine or other intoxicating drugs.

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